The Brainerd Dispatch, Monday April 22, 2019, "Other Opinion" says evidence shows more Minnesota roads crumbling, and yet Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, among others, are on record saying Minnesota doesn't need more tax money to fix roads, paying for it from general funds, which could deplete money for schools, etc.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation reported in 2018 there were more than 502 miles of state highways in "poor" road condition. MnDOT says based on the current funding projection for the next four years, all types of roads including state highways, interstates and national highways will deteriorate further.

I feel that we need more funding for roads. We learn that the longer we wait, the more it will cost and fewer roads will be fixed. The biggest question is who should pay for the road repairs-those most able to afford the costs, those who benefit most, or those least able to afford any additional taxes?

Bob Uppgaard

Pequot Lakes