Over the next 18 months each of us has a unique opportunity to evaluate who we are as a country and who do we want to be. I submit to each of you that America is better than what we see from Washington, D.C. today. We have an executive branch of government that is essentially dysfunctional. Look at the facts. We have a president who repeatedly stands with the leader of an adversarial country against his own intelligence community and recently against his own cabinet members. We have a major political party so enamored with power they are willing to suborn corruption while our country is systematically destroyed. Our children and grandchildren may pay a huge price for our blindness today. This election cycle will determine whether the Republic stands or falls. My prayer is that we all come to our senses and be willing to look at facts rather than rhetoric and lies. If we do that our Republic has a better than even chance to stand.

Marian Severt