Regarding Crow Wing Power: Our concerned members group is calling for a forensic audit of CWP and subsidiaries; these subsidiaries are our business and would not exist without the co-op members payments from over the years.

At the June 8 annual meeting we will be making a motion to remove CEO Bruce Kraemer, attorney Paul Johnson, all officers who are complicit and any board members who were on the board at the time of the Hunt Technologies sale and the royalties agreement, whether you took the money or not (from Hunt sale).

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If you did not take the money you allowed the others to take it and said nothing. Non-disclosure agreements have hidden unethical behavior, income and bonuses for CEO staff and board members.

Bob Kangas suggested that the $70,000 was offered to board members from the Hunt Technologies sale. Offered by whom? Board pay was $500 per month then. He also stated NDAs kept them from talking.

So, Kraemer received an undisclosed amount from the Hunt sale (processed through an alternative group), then "offered" the Board $70,000 and everyone signed an NDA? Sounds like a mutually assured silence pact. Also, how is it that the board does not know how much Bruce got?

Bryan McCulloch confronted the issues from within the company after first becoming aware but was repeatedly stonewalled (royalties and Hunt payments). It was at that time that he began talking to the co-op members outside the boardroom. He wasn't on the board when the above decisions were made. We owe him our thanks. When he was made aware of the mine royalties and they asked him to sign an NDA, he was the only one who refused.

On June 8 starting at 9 a.m. people should ask their questions and voice their concerns.

Gary Bakken

Breezy Point