The 2016 election is over. You lost! Get over it! For the last two-plus years you have failed the Democrat voters and what you were sent to Congress to do. I have said before that I have long believed we need a businessman as the nation's leader. President Trump has proven that true. I can't think of one politician I trust. The nation is moving forward for the first time in decades. The liberal media call the wall Trump's wall. It's America's wall. It's time the Democrats and the quit obstructing justice and start thinking about the protection they have voted for time after time. I'm 90 years old and have never seen this kind of abuse of our president and the House power to seek and destroy. Shame on them!

Joe Biden has been in D.C. for decades. He is part of the problem. Impeachment. Bill Clinton-as soon as he knew Monica had a crush on him she was his prey. He dishonored his office, the White House, the citizens of the U.S. Looked us in the eye and denied his affair with her. He certainly dishonored his family. He lied to Congress. He and Hillary deserve each other. He is a serial adulterer. They go around with big smiles. Receive exorbitant fees for giving speeches. What did he do to Monica's family? He decimated them. Shame on the Clintons. They do not deserve respect from anyone.

God bless President Trump and God bless America.

Ramona Pedersen