Many of the Democratic candidates are pushing the forgiveness of the massive student debts owed to this nation. Although it is troubling for many graduates, if forgiveness comes, it will bring a call for free college. After all, people will say, "Had I known I didn't have to pay it back, I won't have spent my own money." I want my money back that I did pay. In today's litigious world they will have a case.

While we are talking debt, for just a moment, let's talk about another debt. This is the national debt. This morning it stood at $22,362,365,000 and the rest of the numbers are turning to fast to write down. Writing off other debts owed the government affects this immensely. In the end the national debt holds the potential to destroy our country. The first $2,000 of your personal federal tax payment goes to pay just the interest on this debt. Not one of these candidates even mentions the national debt. The conservative party, which long used the national debt as a rally point for years, has also given up and let's just say I think they have given up period. They too are part of the problem now. And maybe the problem has just been deemed unsolvable.

I once knew a lady with a great deal of credit card debt. She got to the point where she was using newly acquired cards to pay off those that were at their max. Not fiscally too responsible but reminiscent of what is going on in government today. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. So what's the answer to the student debt? Help people to restructure it so they can afford to pay it. But first quit lending money to bad credit risks.

Mike Holst