We've barely regained our composure from the last election cycle and here we go again, so thank God for democracy. However, the wasted billions in campaign spending and political rhetoric delivering such dismal results is getting a little old. Our nation is $23 trillion in debt and not a single candidate, including the president, has acknowledged that elephant in the room. Inexplicably, Democrat presidential candidates are proposing new programs that will add trillions to the debt, which really makes me think-what part of "broke" don't they understand?

Then there's Trump. He passes himself off as conservative but he isn't by any stretch of the imagination. He doesn't demonstrate fiscal responsibly with our tax dollars and I believe he's pro-life and pro-Second Amendment only when it's advantageous for him. He does, however, appeal to the silent majority simply because he isn't a politician, a trait he's demonstrated on many occasions. He's a boorish TV personality, a wealthy egomaniac, an amateur diplomat and possibly a criminal, but then again who in D.C. isn't? If no credible Republican challengers enter the race, losing the presidency may be the least of our problems.

I cringe at the thought of "progressive" liberals like Sanders, Harris or Warren bringing their agenda into the White House coupled with a Democrat majority in Congress. Thirty years ago I would've shrugged that off as bad karma, but not today. This liberal tag-team could brew up a concoction of spending, gun control, federal health care, new taxes, government expansion and conceivably initiate the beginning of the end for our precious democracy. The newly elected seeds of "democratic socialism" (aka let the government take care of you) will have taken root on American soil. So good luck America, I'll always vote for you and pray that never happens.

Louie Hoffmann