Bob Kangas wrote a Guest Opinion that was published in the Brainerd Dispatch on April 24 to factually clear up questions that opinion and news articles may have generated about Crow Wing Power. We feel we need to speak again on behalf of Crow Wing Power. The opinions you read in the paper are from a group of people that accuse Crow Wing Power’s Board and management of being “underhanded,” “dishonest” and even more recently “criminal.”

As officers of the Crow Wing Power Board of Directors, we’re confident this is a well-run cooperative. We’ve always had the members’ best interests in mind. We’ve made changes to be more transparent to our members. We’ve changed the newsletter from bimonthly publications to monthly and we have put the board meeting highlights on our website and board meeting minutes online for members to access.

A request for a forensic audit continues to be raised by the group of members who have contacted the Minnesota Attorney General’s office for an investigation. We are cooperating fully with the AG’s office. We have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong and we welcome the review.

The board has decided to wait and see what the Attorney General’s response is before we address the request for a forensic audit and we appreciate your patience.

We’re proud to serve on this board and will continue to hold our heads high. The public’s opinion of the cooperative is very important. Historically this cooperative has been deemed as a champion of doing great things and we will continue to operate with members’ best interests in mind. We’d like to encourage everyone to base their opinions on facts. If you have questions, you can call us.

Bob Kangas, Board President

Dwight Thiesse, Board Vice President

Doris Mezzenga, Board Secretary

LuAnn Nelson, Board Treasurer