It’s time again for a new edition of the Brainerd Community Education guide! Hopefully you have received a copy in the mail. It is also online at and available in locations around the community.

Does it ever feel like there is a conspiracy going on to make sure you get the exact thing you need at the exact moment you need it? Like, how did the universe know and arrange itself to provide just in time for little ol’ me? Maybe it’s a well-timed hug from an offspring just as you reach the end of your skills as a parent. It could be a kind word from a co-worker just as you were considering an abrupt career change. Perhaps it is a delicious and nutritious meal set before you, through no effort of your own, just as you were starting to feel hangry (that dangerous combination of hungry and angry). It might be a loved one calling just as you are feeling twinges of loneliness.

I had that sense as I paged through this fall’s Community Ed guide. After a busy summer with house guests and sleepovers and getaways, the Reynolds family residence is feeling a bit cluttered. Beach towels here, sports equipment there, snack wrappers everywhere! When I saw the description for the Downsizing Your Stuff class on page 23, I knew help was on the way.

Just as housekeeping has taken a back seat this summer, so has any semblance of sensible eating habits. I won’t name names, but I am related to people who believe ice cream is its own food group that should be addressed daily in the summer. ... OK, you got me, I am that person; I have eaten a lot of ice cream in the last few months [years]. It’s probably time for me to attend the gut health and sugar elimination classes offered on pages 26 and 27.

My hope is that everyone in your family will find a Community Ed activity or event this fall that gives them something they need just at the time they need it. And if you need something you can’t find here, would you consider teaching it for us? Call us and we can talk about how you can help us meet the needs of our community and improve people’s lives!