Guest Opinion: A lot has already been accomplished this legislative session

What has our representative done so far in this session?


Representative Heintzeman thinks this has been a disappointing start to the legislative session. Here’s why I disagree.

When talking about Gov Walz’s proposed budget he leaves out some important details. The Governor proposed direct payments of $2,000 for households making less than $150,000, $1,000 for individuals making less than $75,000. According to the Minnesota Legislature demographics this would include 89% of Rep Heintzeman’s constituents. Additionally families would receive $200 for up to three dependents. These proposals are aimed mostly at families in the lower income brackets and would greatly benefit the nearly 14% of children in District 6B who live below the poverty line. As for tax increases, the proposal increases capital gains taxes by 1.5% for income over $500,000 and 4% for income over one million. Very few of his constituents would qualify for these increases. That is what the governor has proposed to help the citizens of Crow Wing County. Why wouldn’t our representative be behind initiatives that would benefit 89% of his constituents?

Representative Heintzeman next states that the Driver’s Licenses For All (HF 4) bill would increase voter fraud. This is not true as the licenses will be noncompliant ones and clearly state not for federal identification as they will not comply with the REAL ID requirements. Representative Heintzeman knows this but seeks to inflame anti-immigrant fever. This bill is supported by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Agri Growth Council, Minnesota Budget Project, Minnesota Catholic Conference and labor groups. Applicants will need to pass the written and driving test and obtain insurance. This will not only generate income for the state, it will make our roads safer and benefit the economy. I would also point out that Minnesota elections are totally safe and there has never been any incidents of widespread voter fraud. This is a tired trope that Representative Heintzeman and his party like to throw out in order to breed discord.

Additionally he labels the PRO Act as the most extreme abortion bill in the U.S. and compares it to policies in North Korea and China. According to the World Health Organization, North Korea in 2015 issued orders forbidding medical professionals from performing any birth control procedures and abortions. No data is available after 2015. Yes, China does have more liberal policies. They have a robust family planning program through public hospitals and clinics. These two countries can not be compared to each other or to Minnesota. Representative Heintzeman’s rhetoric only seeks to frighten and confuse his constituents. Here’s what the PRO Act actually does for Minnesotans. It protects the right to contraception, the right to carry a pregnancy to term, the right to an abortion. It ensures the right to privacy for personal reproductive health care decisions. It further prevents interference by politicians who seek to enact or defend medically unnecessary barriers to comprehensive reproductive health care. In short, it leaves the decision to start a family or not to start a family entirely up to the person most involved in that decision. This would be approximately 33% of residents in District 6B. This data can be obtained from the latest census.

Here’s what the DFL House has passed so far: the PRO Act guaranteeing women the right to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions, the Crown Act eliminating employer’s right to discriminate against natural hair, making Juneteenth a holiday and finally making sure our children are fed while in school. I think it's been a great productive session for most residents of District 6B.


What has our representative done so far in this session? He has introduced bills to restrict voting rights (HF 1251), allow 18 year olds to purchase pistols (HF 0660), allow individuals including those 18 year olds to carry weapons without permits (HF 0662), eliminate the common law duty to retreat in self defense situations (HF 0661), and arm teachers (HF 0661). Facts are facts and are easily verified.

Sally Boos is secretary of the Crow Wing County DFL and was the DFL candidate for the House District 6B seat in November.

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