How about that weather?

Yes, as Minnesotans, we understand that in any given winter we stand a good chance for cold temperatures and a lot of snow.

Historically we grin and bear it, while occasionally cursing it under our breath. But this winter has been different. This is bordering on satire. A really long satire stuck on a continuous loop.

Temperatures bottoming out well below zero, with an extreme low of 43 degrees below zero. Biting winds numbing faces and drifting snow. Snow event after snow event, with another round expected for the Brainerd area-a winter storm watch for Wednesday, Feb. 20, with up to 6 inches of new snow possible.

With March right around the corner, we're willing to bet that's not the last snow event for winter. You'd almost laugh at how ridiculous this season has been if it weren't getting so tiresome.

But through it all-cars that wouldn't start, slick roads, sore backs from shoveling-Brainerd area residents have handled everything fairly well, in our estimation. And a winter like this can be dangerous if not taken seriously.

Area school districts made the right call closing schools during the polar vortex in January. Motorists have, for the most part, been driving according to the conditions. As far as we know, there have been no major injuries directly related to the weather.

Also, hats off to the men and women from the cities, counties and the state of Minnesota who plow our roads. We know it's not an easy job, and it's probably often a thankless one, but the plows have been out in force making sure our roads were drivable-even when we shouldn't have been out driving on them. Any worker-public or private-who has to brave the elements to do their jobs deserves our kudos.

As hard as it may be, we all should try to look at the positives. The sun, when it's out, is starting to get some power, even when the temperature is below zero. The snow had to have been a boon for our area businesses that rely on it for recreation. And we'd take a snowy winter over a brown winter any day-even when it's getting nearly impossible to see over or around that snow.

We don't have to like the weather but unless we all move to warmer climates we do have to live with it.

There is a bright side, a tiny sliver of hope on the horizon-winter is on its last lap and spring is only a month away. That means summer is only a few months behind and, hopefully, so is warm weather.