Our Opinion: Hopefully, the worst of winter is behind us

The temperatures are starting to climb, the days are getting longer and spring is only a month away.


We feel for those people living across a broad swath of the United States who last week were wracked by winter storms.

Those storms whipped up a lot of snow, record-setting low temperatures and led to power outages across the central and southern portions of the country. Tragically, the storm contributed to the deaths of several people.

While we here in the Brainerd lakes area are generally more accustomed to severe winter weather, even we weren’t spared from some of the most painful low temperatures we’ve had in quite a while.

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For more than a week, the low temperature in our area bottomed out somewhere between 20 degrees below zero and 30 degrees below zero — the kind of weather that hurts to be out in even when there isn’t a wind chill to add to the misery.

After what could be described as a relatively mild winter for its first two months, it was indeed an unwelcome reminder that winters here in the Northland can still be dangerous.


We’re thankful for everyone whose job required them to work outdoors during this most recent polar vortex — from firefighters and police officers, to road maintenance crews, to construction workers, to the people who collect shopping carts at our local stores. It couldn’t have been easy.

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But there is a glimmer of hope. Temperatures have been slowly climbing, and by the start of the week we could be basking in mid 30 to 40 degree weather, a 60-degree swing from just a week ago.

Another bit of positivity? Spring is less than a month away and the days are getting longer. What’s not to like?

But we still have a month to go, and if this most recent bout of wicked winter weather has reminded us of anything, it’s that we need to continue to be prepared for the worst winter can dole out.

Yes, there will probably be more snow and there very well could be more cold temperatures to brace against, but the forecast and the calendar would appear to offer a glimmer of hope that warmer days are not too far away.

It’s all about vigilance — preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Winter can’t last forever.

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