Our Opinion: We need to hear from the United States Postal Service

Residents deserve public answers from the agency about spotty mail delivery the past several months.

Brainerd Dispatch editorial
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Over the past several weeks, the Brainerd Dispatch has published a series of stories detailing issues related to mail delivery — or lack thereof — in the Brainerd lakes area.

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Not only is voting one of our most cherished, fundamental rights, it also is one of the best ways in which we can collectively make our voices heard on the direction we’d like to see the country go.

We’ve heard from area residents frustrated by lack of mail delivery, sometimes for more than a week at a time. We’ve heard from area elected officials who are being asked by their constituents to do something about it.

Who we haven’t heard from on the record, aside from a “No comment,” is any local, state or federal official with the United States Postal Service who will tell us and the public why mail delivery is absent for some areas of the Brainerd lakes area.

Nothing but crickets. That’s unacceptable to the thousands of customers served by the United State Postal Service through the Brainerd lakes area.

Those customers deserve an answer as to why medications have not arrived, why a check they were counting on didn’t come through on time, why a bill they paid ended up being late or why a Christmas card they sent never arrived where it was supposed to.


The issue ramped up during the holidays as gifts weren’t being delivered. And yes, we could include the Brainerd Dispatch, which is now delivered through the mail twice a week. The list of what hasn’t been delivered could go on and on.

This is not a new phenomena — poor mail delivery has been an issue for months — and our reporters have been trying in vain to talk with someone with the United States Postal Service to learn why.

We’ve all heard the anecdotal reasons for the issues with mail delivery in the Brainerd lakes area and we believe them to be true. But it would be nice to hear it directly from the United States Postal Service, as well as steps being taken to remedy the problems.

It’s time the residents of the Brainerd lakes area were given answers and, hopefully, a list of solutions to what ails the mail delivery system in the area. Say something — anything — to let us know we are being heard.

We are well past the point where silence from the United State Postal Service, an arm of the federal government, is acceptable. Residents deserve at least a public acknowledgment from the agency and at most an answer on when they can expect to receive their mail on a regular basis.

The Brainerd Dispatch Editorial Board members are Dispatch and Echo Journal Publisher Pete Mohs, former Dispatch Publisher Terry McCollough, Dispatch Editor Matt Erickson, Dispatch Managing Editor Renee Richardson and Echo Journal Editor Nancy Vogt.
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