Examples of Godlessness

A recent letter writer felt that if we trusted in God more, we wouldn't be guilty of "torturing detainees or our police shooting innocent, unarmed, young black men".

A recent letter writer felt that if we trusted in God more, we wouldn't be guilty of "torturing detainees or our police shooting innocent, unarmed, young black men".

I agree that the world would be so much better if we followed God more, and I'm just as sure the lady who wrote that is a kind and sincere woman. However, my issue is with her examples of Godlessness. There are so many to choose from.

People can't agree on what is torture and what isn't, when does interrogation stop and torture begin, and if it's necessary. It's difficult to compare waterboarding and sleep deprivation to acts of the groups these "victims of torture" belong to - they rape their own women, sell organs of captured persons, behead kids and aid workers ... hmmm. Pretty stark comparison. I do get the argument that we are better than them ... And I have a problem justifying bad behavior with other bad behavior. It's a struggle.

As far as "our police shooting innocent, unarmed, young, black men," this is off the chart. It implies an epidemic of white racists cops gunning down some black person any chance they get.

Facts are boring, but they still are facts. The following are statistics from the CDC of the U.S. government:


• In 1968, black deaths by police were 8.6 per million

• In 1968, white deaths by police were 0.9 per million

• From 1999-2011, there were 1,130 blacks killed by police.

• From 1999-2011, there were 2,151 whites killed by police.


• By 2011, black deaths by the police were down to 2.74 per million (from 8.6 per million in 1968)

• By 2011, white deaths by the police were up to 1.28 per million (from 0.9 million in 1968)

• In 2012, 140 blacks were killed by police


• In 2012, 386 whites were killed by police

In the last few decades, the killing of black people by police officers is actually down by about 75 percent, a far different picture than is portrayed by our media, and more importantly, our president and attorney general. And white deaths by the police actually increased.

Recently, to his credit, Jesse Jackson has been quite silent ... it's easy to see why Al Sharpton conveniently ignores these statistics, since his fame and financial survival depend on black victimization. Why he gets even one visit to the White House is beyond me. And why doesn't our president see this? In Ferguson, Mo., he sent his attorney general to align with Michael Brown's family before he knew if Brown was a victim or a thug. Later, many blacks testified in behalf of the officer, and there were black jurors on the grand jury who felt Wilson was defending himself.

Also, an incident is not racial just because it involved people of different races. It is racial if they treat each other differently because of their race.

Americans of any race need facts rather than listening to self-serving politicians pandering for a voting bloc, and "leaders" who earn their living by dividing us. Look for people who unite us and look for real solutions using real facts. One way we can start is to look at both liberal and conservative news outlets so we get both sides, rather than just getting the "news " that agrees with us. Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are not news outlets, they are biased pundits.

I am a retired police officer with over three decades of service in jurisdictions with significant minority populations. Some called me a racist because I was a different color, but many others were wise enough to see that I was there to protect them, sometimes from people of their own race. Just like the other men and women I proudly served with - color-blind.

Politically, I'm pretty independent. I was uncomfortable sticking up for people just because they were in "my party", and began searching for truth instead. Because I believe if we trusted in God and truth more, we would be better off ... and by the way, the statistics I quoted were researched by a black man.

SGT.RICK KLEINSCHMIDT (ret.) formerly served with the WIllmar Police Department. He now lives in Crosby.

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