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Identity gender and showers

Oct. 2, 2014, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) postponed its vote, now scheduled for Dec. 4, 2014. Convenient. They will wait until after the Nov. 4 elections. This vote is another rung on the ladder to nowhere.

"Identity gender and transgender" are the new terms. Example: being a man, if I "think" I am a girl in high school I should be allowed to play, use the girls bathroom and shower with the girls. To not allow me as a male with the "identity gender" of a girl would be discrimination. Outfront Minnesota is heading this charge. If the MSHSL does not vote in favor of "identity gender" rights, Outfront MN knows they can count on our DFL-controlled House and Senate to pass another law to "protect," just like redefining marriage, the bullying bill and the ban on conversion therapy.

Because this is, of course, discrimination and every man deserves to shower with their "gender identity." And no, you cannot have a men's, women's, and "other" bathrooms as this too would be discrimination. Don't you dare bully me into the men's bathroom, and don't you dare counsel me on it - we now have laws to protect me and you will go to jail. The "anti-bullying law" is not designed to protect your daughters - it is designed to protect me, the man with the "identity gender" of a woman. I would like to recognize John Ward, Joe Radinovich and all DFL Legislators for all their hard work in passing these bills. Remember, I deserve to take a shower and not feel threatened.

Doug Kern

Rural Brainerd