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Lillehaug has been impartial

As former chief justices and associate justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court, we have a strong interest in our state's non-partisan judicial elections. We hope that, on Nov. 4, Minnesotans will vote to retain Justice David Lillehaug on the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Justice Lillehaug was appointed to the Supreme Court upon recommendation by the non-partisan Judicial Selection Commission. When he took office, he pledged to be fair and impartial, deciding cases on precedent and principle, not on politics. We believe that he has more than lived up to that pledge.

Justice David Lillehaug has shown himself to be a fine jurist and, in our opinion, well deserves to be retained on the Minnesota Supreme Court. We will be voting for him.

Former Justice Paul Anderson

Former Chief Justice Russell Anderson

Former Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz

Former Justice James Gilbert

Former Chief Justice Eric Magnuson

Former Justice Sam Hanson

Former Justice Helen Meyer

Former Justice Esther Tomljanovich