The Concordia Choir wowed the Tornstrom audience on Feb. 14. What a valentine our hometown choir director Michael Smith gave us in his marvelous variety of musical choral renditions from the 2015 tour program.

From Sara Teasdale's poem, "Stars" done with wine glass ringing to the seriously raucous "Raua Needmine" (Curse Upon Iron), the choir kept us all captivated with the beauty of their young voices.

The music this small liberal arts college produces is spread throughout the United States through their graduates working music into the rest of their lives and enriching the lives of others.

One small example is my sister who graduated from Concordia in 1959 and to this day at age 78 continues to play her violin in Seattle-area Chamber groups.

My years at Concordia definitely influenced my appreciation of music which I use to promote our local Legacy Chorale and the Lakes Area Music Festival held each August.

With all the strife and grief in the world, music offers an oasis in the desert to us all.

Luann Rice