Trump articulated a new immigration policy in April 2018 called Zero Tolerance which began the unprecedented practice of taking children from their parents and guardians as a deterrent. He then packed them into private prisons ran by his campaign contributors. Processing immigrants has come to a standstill because Trump is enriching his campaign contributors. Every way we could help countries the immigrants are coming from, to stem the flow of migrants, Trump follows the exact opposite course. They need an infusion of foreign aid in the form of food commodities. Trump has cut foreign aid to nothing. Their population explosion that compounds hunger issues. Republicans have banned foreign aid in the form of birth control by using voodoo science to claim birth control pills cause abortions. They're suffering from unprecedented drought. Trump left the Paris Climate Agreement, and tried to save coal but only added to greenhouse gases. He trashed emission standards marking a regression in fuel efficiency by auto manufacturers which adds to greenhouse gases. These actions are accelerating the climate change causing these droughts. In 1944, the Rockefeller Foundation and later the U.S. government collaborated with Mexico on a crossbreeding program to develop high yield strains of wheat better adapted to Mexico's climate. Norman Borlaug was the tip of the spear in this effort to prevent widespread starvation in Mexico. The effort was so successful that today, Mexico exports food to us and feeds themselves. Borlaug and his associates didn't stop. With widespread starvation facing India and Asia they were off to crossbreed grains in Asia. Trump's Party motto should be, "No We Can't.” Their "solutions" of Trump's wall, cruelty as deterrence, and a detention policy are far more expensive the common sense solution of stabilizing their home governments with aid and doing them no harm

Greg Olson