Reader Opinion: Feedback opinion

The other day I received a letter from someone who read an opinion I posted entitled "Fed Up" in this paper. They wrote to me and stated I felt everyone who has a different opinion than mine should move out so then everyone would have the same opinion as me, they also stated that I would like to have violence and to kill everyone who isn't a conservative like me. They said it sounds like I want to take up arms against all citizens who think differently than me and then they said that I have fallen right into Putin’s hands.

Opinions are one thing. Actions are a totally different being. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Muslim Brotherhood and even members of our own Congress have shown us their true colors. I have no want of a civil war in this country, I have seen what wars do to families and countries. When a faction jumps up and terrorizes this country, when organizations within our country cause termoil and chaos, when our own members of Congress belittle this country and its history and call for the assassination of our standing President, I am not going to sit down and be quiet. If you don't like this country, cross a border and go try and change that country to your whims and fancies, see what happens to you. When our own government officials have questionable lives and are not arrested and convicted, we have serious problems that need to be dealt with -- lawfully. I swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of this great country and if called to do so against those aforementioned people and organizations, I will gladly do it.

Doug Francis