Reader Opinion: Save the trees

The demolition of homes has begun for the addition of parking and a playground for the Harrison school on Oak Street. Some in the neighborhood are sad to see the homes disappear but sometimes it is necessary as we move forward and provide a better educational experience.

There is, however, something slated for demolition that would not be progress. On the very north side of the block are two magnificent maple trees that it seems could and should be saved. They are on the very edge of the project and they would serve as terrific shade trees adjacent to the playground. The large one may be over 100 years old and may have provided shade for a current student’s great-great-grandparent. The shade provided would offer a great place for a parent to sit and watch their children play or possibly a place to read a class story about a great tree.

Removal of the trees will require costs to replace the sidewalk that will surely be destroyed in the removal process and leaving them would probably provide a reduction in cost of demolition.

Some will say they will die anyway but I would ask an arborvitae what can be done to save them before I take the chain saw to these two trees.

If you agree call your school board member to see what can be done to save these trees.

Marsha Johnson