Reader Opinion: Enough already

Day after day I read, and hear on TV, President Trump compared to Hitler. Enough already. Methinks someone (or a lot of someones) need to read more history books. Then, let me know what you learn. You know, the Russians were not our friends during the war that we fought to end the killing of innocents (millions). But they were our allies during that war. I’m not excusing their wrong-doings then or now. Just stating facts. Don't you just love facts?

I keep hearing Russia, Russia, Russia. Now Mitch McConnell is under fire for not doing enough about their interference in our upcoming elections. Well, the Russians have been at this since World War II. So, maybe some of you geniuses can explain to me why we are not asked for identification and proof that we are American citizens before we are allowed to vote? I'm not sure who decided it was a good idea to ignore doing that, but there's an easy fix. Let's return to those restrictions. It appears that Russian interference in the 2016 election was designed to divide Americans and create havoc. Well, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

No one seems to care that our border guards are totally overwhelmed. And once the illegals are in the country, we have no idea if they’re good people or criminals. Eventually, they’re all allowed to vote (California, I'm looking at you).

You may not like President Trump's personality, but I do believe he loves this country and wants all of us to succeed. I'm still waiting for Representative Schiff to spill the beans about all the evidence he has that Trump is a traitor. Come on, hand it over! Or did you just lose it? Look for it and let everyone know when you find it.

Hazel Kaspari