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Reader Opinion: Support Trump on health care

I love to hear how some people whine about losing the ACA and how it will hurt the poor and people will die because of that loss. Just because people are enrolling into the ACA it is disingenuous to hail this as a victory.

Doctors are still refusing new Medicaid patients and "insurance" from Obamacare not only fails to provide access to doctors, but research in the top medical journals such as Cancer, American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation and Annals of Surgery, show that Medicaid beneficiaries suffer worse outcomes than similar patients with private insurance ... all at an added cost of another $800 billion by CBO estimates to taxpayers after the decade. Health care access for middle-class Americans is also significantly worsened by Obamacare's private insurance decrees.

The law already forced termination of health insurance for millions of Americans estimated as 4.7 million by the Associated Press—insurance they personally had chosen to buy.

Granted, the GOP is still working on a viable health care bill and this country's input is necessary to tweak this bill in order for it to work. So, instead of bashing President Trump, I suggest calling those men and women who are building this bill and tell them what you want to see. Maybe if we quit funding countries that hate us, defund Planned Parenthood and the NEA,

don't you think there would be more than enough money in the health care account to subsidize the poor and the middle class? Time to support President Trump and jump all over Congress and the House.

Doug Francis