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Reader Opinion: What about the good things?

Bad things happen every day.

We hear about them all the time. Little boys crack their heads on the playground and end up in the ER with gaping gashes in their scalps. But what about good things, acts of love? Those we hear less about. They require purposeful choices, endurance, flat-out selfless love. That's my focus today: Our school staff that aren't worried about sore hands or being uncomfortable from holding a bloody head together. Who don't panic when they see what no one ever wants to see. Who worry if you can afford the ambulance ride. Who stop by—just to find out if your child is okay. Who act like family.

Or what about the EMT who stop back an hour later — to smile, crack a joke, say hi. Grandma — who bears the weight of the unforgettable sight to help with a second opinion. The doctor who tolerates your insulting questions about getting someone more qualified. The friend who you totally blanked on your commitment to, who calls — not because you forgot — but to pray for your child, to offer help, to make sure you can breathe.

Then there is the teacher who is "could have had that baby yesterday" pregnant, who you saw RUN to get something to stop the bleeding and sheds tears when she finds out the child will be okay. Oh, and the principal, who shares her story of knocking her tooth out and the embarrassing questions that came so coming back won't be so hard. The hugs from the clerical who knew to call 911 and the kindergarten teacher who taught three of our kids to read. People who are friends. All people who loved in ways that bring far more tears than pain. Good tears. People gifting hope.

Tiffanie Knapp