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Authorities pulls 2 bodies from Fish Trap Lake: 1 man found on ice, other found underwater inside ATV

Reader Opinion: We are grateful for your service

Thank you, dear veterans of our armed services.

No matter where you served or for how long—no matter the branch of the service—we citizens are extremely grateful for all you have done for the country. You did this at great sacrifice and personal risk. For that you deserve more than this mere expression of gratitude here.

In addition, and equally important, we recognize the tremendous hardships your family members faced at home—not having you there. In your place they held families and our homeland together in your absence. Consequently, all the wives, mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers who together encouraged you from home, also deserve of our collective appreciation.

So thanks, veterans and families!

We have one suggestion for the readers, which we try to do often: Whenever you see a veteran of the armed services in public or in private, thank him or her for their service. Then watch their faces light up in appreciation of that recognition.

Judy and Fritz Bertelt