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Authorities pulls 2 bodies from Fish Trap Lake: 1 man found on ice, other found underwater inside ATV

Reader Opinion: Health care debate

In the health care debate, why is not the price and quality of health care ever brought up. Only who is going to pay for it. The price is the crux of the problem. We do not have first class medicine in this country and facts and figures prove that out but that is never mentioned. We do have the most expensive health care in the world and facts and figure prove that out too. Why is this not discussed as part of the problem? One word says it all. Greed.

Let's go back to the Epipen fiasco and the smirking leader of that company sitting before a congressional hearing. To refresh your memories he was charging an astronomical price for that life-saving drug and why? Because he could and he knew it and hence the smirk. Was there an answer? Of course. Open up the market to foreign drug companies. Not going to happen though, as long as the drug lobbyists are in charge of Congress when it comes to this. The price increases for other generic drugs has already started. Yet congress has the audacity to ignore it. Enough to our readers.

To our legislators. When you and your colleagues' have the courage to get rid of outside interests and their influence on you, the government and elections and represent your real constituents—the voters—then the answers for health care and many other problems facing this country will be forthcoming. You will then be able to tell drug czars like Epipens leader to take his medicine and shove it because you've found a better and cheaper place to buy them. Then you can smirk right back at them and the United States will be a better place for all of us.

Mike Holst