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Authorities pulls 2 bodies from Fish Trap Lake: 1 man found on ice, other found underwater inside ATV

Reader Opinion: Too soon?

President Trump, you're right. Let's delay discussions about reducing frequent mass shootings unique to the U.S., and killing of 26 in Texas; it's too early after this white (probably Christian) terrorism.

But can we start discussions now about violence and guns after the Sandy Hook killing of 20 little children and six staff in December 2012? That's five years ago. Are you man enough for that?

What hurts me the most? I can't forget descriptions of how terribly some little children were torn up by a war weapon (that our "god-fearing" nation gladly uses against others in this world).

Or can we start gun control discussions after mass shooting of 49 in June 2016 in Orlando? It's also a "hate" crime against gay people. They're human beings, you know.

Too soon after the slaughter of 33 mostly young students at Virginia Tech in April, 2007? That's been over 10 years now.

Or is it too early, do you think, to discuss exposing every cowardly, gutless, immoral congressman-politician who votes against any measures, any at all, reducing gun violence? Enabled by current NRA rigid stands?

I hate to say it, but those we elect to congress value their jobs more than lives of our citizens. It's our fault, we re-elect them. It's the voters who must change, not the politicians. The "swamp" isn't in Washington, it's right here.

We citizens accept that, because whoever crosses the NRA is told must lose their job. We must obey.

Eighty or 90 percent of the people want this sickness of the "American" spirit addressed—the rotting away of America's soul. Now.

The NRA is only 1 percent of our people. Even most of them want things done. (I was an NRA member, like GHW Bush, before it became totally insane. We both quit.)

A. Martin