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Reader Opinion: Milk and honey

Milk comes from cows and in the 1940s I milked, by hand, my parents' cows. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren received the best milk, from their mothers. Our babies had the best start for their new lives, thanks to God.

Honey is the perfect food, and we might call our wife or sweetheart "honey." I have it on my oatmeal every morning. Milk and honey are good, wholesome and healthy foods. When I hear or see milk and honey it makes me feel good.

The Bible tells much about our foods. Long before Jesus was born, 2 Samuel 17-28 and 29 tells about beans, wheat, barley, peas, honey, cheese and sheep. Seeds and sprouts in Isaiah 61:11. Deer, sheep, goats and antelope in Deuteronomy 8 7-10. Joshua 5:12 says no more free lunch.

We can grow these foods, organically, like the people did in Bible times.

Let's celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Bill Dumke