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Reader Opinion: Stuffing stockings of the rich

I got my bullet points email describing the glorious benefits of the new wealth-fare bill from Trump cheerleader Carrie Ruud.

I can't say I was shocked that she didn't mention how stuffing the stockings of the already obscenely rich will blow up the deficit and trigger the automatic sequester cuts. That means the bill she is lauding will cut the Medicare retirees paid into for 40 years so some billionaire could have another yacht on the Greek Islands and the Social Security you use to pay for that Medicare, and paid into for 40 years, is being cut too, because every multi-millionaire donor deserves a vacation home getaway in Spain. They deserve it, and you deserve to pay for it because you are not a hallowed job creator.

Haven't we ever bought new appliances, new cars, a house, clothes for our children, food at the supermarket, gas at the pump, patronized our local businessmen and professionals, or gone out to the local restaurants? Ruud doesn't want or have the slightest grasp of consumer-driven economics. Carrie Ruud doesn't think your contributions to the economy matter except in November when she's running for office.

I find her naive, fan-girl attitude towards the wealthy, who are kicking the doors of our Democracy down, disturbing. Not all wealthy people are bad, but these billionaires and millionaires who make up the political donor class certainly don't qualify as capitalists. They're nothing more than white-collar criminals. Harvesting our wealth with the help of Republican hatchet men does not constitute capitalism. The public promotion of the sacking of America reminds me of underlings fawning over their mob boss or Communist Party Loyalists speaking publicly about Mao Tse-tung in China years ago.

Greg Olson