Watching and listening to the politicians and press with their comments when pontificating the latest "Trumpism" regarding immigration from s-hole locations/countries. Unfortunately the substance of his comment is lost and we have a major distraction from much needed governance problem solving. This baloney is caused by self serving "gotcha" interests. Shakespeare said it best when he penned "Thou doth protest too much" or something like that.

When I compare this to a presidential candidate that claimed voters supporting her opponent are "a basket of deplorables" there was not much of a ripple in the media. Those Trump supporters number in the millions of hard working tax paying voters as American citizens. What respect for her country folks! Forgetting the rhetoric, which of the two positions is closest to the facts/truth you would be wise to ask yourself?

I chose to vote for neither of the candidates on the ballot and wrote in the candidate of my choice. I have resigned from the Republican Party and have been driven by the media and the Democrats to become a supporter of our fairly elected president. I would not have chosen his choice of words as quoted but the current results shout over anything I've seen is the last 16 years. Who best represents the best interests of the USA?

Think about it and forget the nonsense of both political parties and the media and focus on the issues. In other words think for yourself he does.

George Halverson