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Reader Opinion: Our next step

The #MeToo movement has opened a door. It gives us a view to the other side; to the side of being human beings again. We'll have two choices, to turn back or to step through. If we turn back, in time everything will be as it was. If we step through, we'll probably never be able to come back. And we won't want to come back.

We will leave the world that said it's OK to take other people's place where they're living on this Earth. We'll leave the world where it's OK to take other people's families apart, and make them our servants. We'll leave the world where it's OK to take other people's spirit away. And we'll leave the world where it's OK for one person to hold a billion dollars, while the next person has nothing.

Women are asking for respect. If we open that door and enter we'll see we have to respect everything, or nothing. We'll have to respect other people's land, and freedom, and spirits. We'll have to respect all the creatures, the animals, the trees, the mosquitoes, the rocks, even the Earth, that many rightfully call "Mother."

We've been searching for self respect, and have been lost, not able to find it. It's why we'll have the Super Bowl in the way it is. We'll hope our teams win, giving us self-respect. But it won't last. We'll be like the animal or dog with rabies, dying of thirst, but unable to drink, because water makes it afraid.

We've tried to find self-respect in gathering dollars. But no matter how many we have, we'll yearn for one more.

The only way we'll gain self-respect, is to respect everything else.

A. Martin