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Reader Opinion: Vote yes, yes, yes

As many of you know, there will be a Brainerd School District bond referendum vote April 10, 2018. As a community we have watched the school district gather research and plan meticulously for over three years. We believe they have formed a plan that not only delivers solutions but also demonstrates a true respect for our hard-earned tax dollars.

A Vote Yes 181 advocacy committee has been formed and is actively working to communicate the importance of this opportunity. We are a group of parents, business owners and community members from the Brainerd District. We all have our own individual reasons for supporting this plan. Many of us see the extreme importance for improved security for our kids and have seen the lack of space at our schools. Some want better access for our children who have alternative learning needs, while others are passionate about promoting arts in our region or working towards facilities that support workforce development in our region. No matter what brought us here, we are working together towards change and improvement.

We are very aware that some tough decisions had to be made within this plan, but we can't be near-sighted. When we look forward, we want to see a strong community with thriving businesses. We want to see a place where people want to live and raise their families and have the opportunity to do so. We want to see schools that provide a safe learning environment with state-leading education for every single student. That vision starts with this plan.

We cannot think of a better investment than our kids and our community which is why we are asking you to vote yes, yes and yes on April 10. This is the time, this is the plan — for our kids, community and future.

Kim Ellingson

Christy Ramler

Vote Yes 181 Committee members