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Reader Opinion: Baseball

So today the agent of one of our professional baseball players, who opted for free agency, and was ignored, is asking the rest of the players to boycott spring training, because the rich owners are so unfair to him and the others. The average salary is something like $4 million a year. He is implying the owners have colluded not to sign his client. In other words they're cheap.

Let's put this into perspective. Let's say you work for a private company and your boss, who owns the company, is making the big bucks while you are only making what you said you'd accept for wages to work for him. It's kind of the way it is supposed to work—them being the owner and all. But you're not making enough and he, in your estimation, is making way too much, so you tell him your going someplace else that will appreciate you more. Only no one else wants to pay you that much either. So you tell your boss you're asking all of the other employees to skip work until you all get the big bucks, that in your estimation and your agents, you deserve. In the world I grew up in, you might not get a new job—you might not get your old job back either.

Here's a goal for you poor disrespected players and agents. Save your money and buy your own team. Maybe you could sell tickets at a price that even those way less fortunate than you could afford, so then the average Joe could afford to take his family and go to a ball game, too. By the way, I think if you own your own team you won't need an agent so you could save some money there, too.

Mike Holst