In reading the Feb. 19 article by Rep. Josh Heintzeman, I was surprised as to his priority choices for work in the 2018 Legislature. Cattails seem to be his No. 2 issue to deal with. In my 50-plus years of hunting and fishing, cattails are the No. 1 winter habitat for pheasant and deer is available in agricultural areas. And here they provide great cover for fish like largemouth bass and panfish in our area lakes.

Cattails are a primary vegetative component of all wetlands in Minnesota and as we know, wetlands have been drained to create farmland all over the U.S. We have finally realized their value as filters of nutrients and elements such as nitrates which can contaminate our drinking water.

Josh seems to be center on eliminating the narrow-leaf cattail (typha angustifolia), not the common cattail (typha latifolia). They grow together and are so similar there are probably a handful of people who can differentiate.

I have voted for our Rep. Josh Heintzeman and he certainly is likeable, but I hope he will reconsider his legislative priority.

Dennis Hanson