Kudos to the succinct, articulate and well-written letter in the Brainerd Dispatch (July 29, 2019) by Lisa Fischer regarding Crow Wing Power. Without question it pinpoints and highlights everything we have been saying at the regular meetings and sending to the Minnesota attorney general.

Of additional note would be our meeting with the Minnesota attorney general. Attendees were me, former Congressman Nolan and Larry. I have always maintained from the outset (Jan. 3, 2019) as Bryan McCulloch can support, Brady Martz Accounting and Pemberton Law had to be privy to the deception and fraud that has gone on for many years.

The non-disclosure agreement and public admissions by officers at the annual meeting to paying bonuses plus the admission of the president taking $1.9 million is fact. The sooner a forensic audit is begun, officers removed and a new board established, the better the "people's co-op" will be.

I have been to three meetings and the annual meeting, and nothing requested in writing during the regular meetings, annual meeting or by email to various officers has been sent or given to us to date. Makes you wonder what they are hiding.

I encourage all Crow Wing Power members to call, write their representatives and pressure them to get to the bottom of this.

Also attend a regular meeting and ask the board and officers the same questions we have.

Gary Bakken

Breezy Point