Who do you believe?

Climate change -- more proof from past years, enjoy! Some articles from papers across America:

Sept. 9, 1923: “Tokyo and Yokohama destroyed by quake,” 300,000 were killed, 500,000 injured and 2.5 million left homeless.

Sept. 19, 1926: “Wind kills 1,000; 38,000 lose homes.” Florida’s east coast was dealt a crushing blow when a tropical hurricane swept in at 130 mph.

March 10, 1933: “Earthquake kills 123 in California,” 123 were listed as dead and more than 4,150 as injured in still incomplete reports.

May 31, 1948: “Flood drives 18,500 from Oregon homes.” Vanport City is entirely afloat, casualties cannot yet be estimated; at least 60,000 homeless.

So when the left says it’s all over in 10-12 years, if we don’t deal with climate change, here is what God said -- “God has established the earth on its foundations; it will not be moved from its place forever and ever.” Psalm 104:5, and “The earth remains forever.” Ecclesiastes 1-4. So who do you want to believe?

Gregg Struss