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Reader Opinion: We will miss Graham

I had a nice letter ready to go but this morning but instead of sitting down and getting it sent in to the Dispatch, my son and I are going to have to shovel our driveway and sidewalk. I'll pretend I'm upset but I'm really not, I love snow, but if you want me upset, well, sorry. I will say, all this could have happened a lot sooner in the season. Sorry, you're not golfing this year like you were last year at this time, start praying for good weather for the summer. Amen?

Just a sad but happy for him, goodbye to Dr. Billy Graham, more alive now than he's ever been, and he's with Ruth again, and he's home to stay this time, Ruth. Amen

Pray we get another preacher who can preach Jesus Christ and him crucified, not like so many preachers today that wet their finger and test the wind to see how they should preach but preach as Rom. 1;16 states: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Chris,...", not afraid of those in his world to shut God down and make Him accommodate man and his perversions today that Sodom could relate to. A tall order that I can't see anyone stepping up and filling the call like Billy did. We sure are going to miss that powerful voice for Jesus! Keep praying and doing our part to farther God's kingdom with gentleness but firmness there is only one way to God, Christ, his son! Amen!

Stephen L. Heinecke