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Reader Opinion: District's false premise

The facility plans are in place, the voting has begun, the district won't change, they're on the run.

Questions were asked of Laine Larson at the last Brainerd City Council meeting about Lincoln School. The superintendent said she hadn't heard of concerns about Lincoln. Council members said they and other citizens spoke up about Lincoln at listening sessions. Larson left the meeting suggesting she'd look into the concerns as if the district could change the planned demolition of Lincoln.

Why would Superintendent Larson leave the city council on a false premise? She knows the district cannot change what has already been approved and sent to voters.

Since Aug. 15, the district conducted several workshops, special meetings and regular board meetings where facilities, referendums and financing were discussed, but not a word was on BoardBook. This is the website where all school board members and the public get their information for every meeting.

At a Feb. 12 information session at the library, concerns were raised that since Aug. 15, not a single document related to the facilities or financing were ever placed on the district's BoardBook.

Laine Larson insisted over and over that all documents were placed on BoardBook related to these items. She attempted making a liar out of the person who pointed this out to her.

The superintendent is displaying an ominous pattern here.

Following the meeting, the district and the Dispatch were provided with copies of all BoardBook data which showed not a single word regarding facilities/financing/referendums was on BoardBook.

The Dispatch publisher thanked the person that sent the proof, but he failed to respond to a simple question:

"Does the Superintendent not providing all data related to the agenda items and not following the OML concern you?"

A non-answer is definitely a clear answer.

Jeff Czeczok


Editor's note: The Brainerd School District stated its BoardBook includes information the school board members have access to prior to the meeting and not information provided at the meeting itself, but those materials are posted on and a statement to that effect will be added to the Brainerd Public Schools' BoardBook.