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Brainerd man buried in avalanche dies in New Mexico hospital

Reader Opinion: A startling and clear agenda

What do dictators do ... they control the media ... they take ambassadors out of countries or not fill positions in order to control information flow. The key here is independent information flow. Their agenda is very startling and clear. They send their sons-in-law without mentors that have worked with Mexico for years. They demonize news channels, except those who support their dogma, which is what a religious cults do. Dictators destroy. They kill their adversaries. They lack a moral compass. Their built-in personalities are deadly. Hitler was such a personality; Putin is such a personality. The death of children and families mean nothing to them. The office of the presidency at this time is being held by a 'man' who has never been held accountable for anything, to deny this is giving permission to him to destroy our democracy because his personality cares about one thing, himself and his way in the world. If this were not true he would have implemented sanctions on Russia. He does not believe in 'due process' his actions show this to those who only concentrate on the Second Amendment. He did say take the guns ... worry about due process later.

Deb Halsted