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Reader Opinion: Should 16-year-olds vote?

Would 16-year-olds better learn citizenry from voting in local elections?

It would be interesting to find out.

An argument against lowering the voting age may be that 16 year-olds lack maturity.

Minnesota has determined driving a vehicle on public roads may begin at 16 with a couple of tests and the permission of a parent/guardian. The same could be applied to voting.

A beginning for voting at 16 might be trying it on a local level. It would help to have an engaged and resilient community that has links with its citizens, schools and civic groups.

Minnesota was early in allowing the voting age to be lowered from 21 to 18.

It would be interesting to learn of any problems that change created.

The Brainerd Dispatch is a solid platform for this discussion and exchange.

Philip Vaughan

Lake Edward Township