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Reader Opinion: NRA lacks credibility

The government is finally being pressured to do something about mass shootings. The current event involves another school, so that is what is focused on now. If weapons are the problem, bring in more weapons. Does that make sense? This shooter was a teenager, so raise the age of purchase to 21. The church, Las Vegas, nightclub massacres and others were all by men older than teenagers. So attack the problem like other countries and ban war weapons in the hands of ordinary people.

One spokesperson from the NRA says the media loves school shootings because film of crying mothers boosts ratings. Another one says the NRA's purpose is to promote gun safety. And by all means, we have to protect the Second Amendment that gives us the right to a regulated militia. The founders never considered the right of rapid firing killing weapons in the hands of anyone who wanted one. The NRA has as much credibility as Trump University.

So when is our government going to be strong enough to realize there is no need for any weapon that has the capacity to kill as many people as fast as they can in the hands of anyone not in the military? Does the public have to be inconvenienced and go broke fortifying any place where people congregate to protect themselves because of the legality of these automatic weapons?

If the current legislators can't stop re-interpreting the Second Amendment, get rid of it like other amendments have been abolished.

Julie Pawlak