The editor of the Dispatch once told me that he "reserved the right" to change the title and content of a submission of mine for reasons of "accuracy and clarity." From what I have seen written in the opinion section lately, either the editor is on vacation or he only changes opinions that don't fit a specific slant because there have been some doozies posted lately that have gone unchecked. A writer the other day was on a rant about the current administration, likening Trump to Hitler, Putin, greed, death of children and families, yada, yada, yada. That stuff I can expect from the liberal soapbox, but what caught my attention, was the references to control of the media and controlling the message. What universe does one live in when you can say that with a straight face? I challenge that writer or anyone for that matter to please, please show me a list of television stations, anchors or national newspapers that this current administration has any control or influence over, and I promise I will show you a list 10 times as long of major media outlets that are openly hostile towards Trump and conservatives as a whole. I look forward to seeing your list posted in the Dispatch over the coming weeks so that I, and other deplorables can tune in to these channels, because all I can seem to find are left leaning Hillary loving outlets!

Doug Karsnia