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Reader Opinion: Renewable energy

Hello friends, today I would like to take a minute of your time to discuss renewable energy. Ignoring climate change, as we could talk about that for hours, I would like to discuss the economic case for renewable. For one, it is a fact that all fossil fuels from oil to coal to even natural gas are finite resources; we will run out of them eventually. With that said, shouldn't we be laying the groundwork in favor of an energy source that is literally unlimited?

I admit, in its current state, renewable may not be as potent as fossil fuels but they are infinite in supply and with battery storage technology we have the capacity to store any excess energy for later use, or for transportation where needed, and with the ever increasing technology it makes sense to lay down the infrastructure now to help wean us off of finite fuels and to help conserve the oil and coal for later use.

On top of that, do we as a nation and people truly wish to be at the mercy of companies and countries that lord and ever dwindling resource over us? Is it not our responsibility as Americans to strive for a self-sufficient nation? From my perspective the solution is clear—if we invest now we can lay down the groundwork in favor of a literally infinite energy source for future generations.

If we invest now and elect people who will fight for the change we need we can leave a better future for our children and grandchildren and leave them with a future to believe in.

Isaiah Oleson