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Reader Opinion: The party of Lincoln

I really believe that the year 2018 will go down in history as the year the Republican Party, as we once knew it, died. That the party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump. That if there once was a conservative playbook, it has been totally rewritten. The part that had to do with the "Christian Right" is gone, because no one can profess to be a Christian and continue to condone the lying and deceptive things that are going on right under our noses. The part of the conservative party's policy that had to do with fiscal responsibility is gone, too, on the heels of looming deficits and huge tax breaks for the rich. There has never been a presidential administration so mired down in investigations and deceptive practices and we're just getting started. Paul Ryan looks up at the president like a little kid who has been told to shut up and do as you're told. Mitch McConnell seems befuddled and confused.

We are starting to see corporations, companies and even our kids fighting back because they still believe in the old adage of "Government of the people and for the people" and they can see lawmakers catering to lobbyists who are running that puppet show we call congress. At some point all that will be left is anarchy and that will be the beginning of a revolution and they never turn out well. Civil unrest is growing and we see it most with young people who are tired of lies and broken promises. Soon we will be back to the unrest of 1968.

I feel squeezed now between what this country once was and what it is now. What we all were once and what we are now.

Mike Holst