From 1999 to 2010 (before ACA) private market premiums for employer based insurance for a family of four rose from $4,700 per year to $15,000. Employers pay the majority of those yearly premiums for their employees. As of 2016 the cost rose to over $18,000. Employers on average pay 71 percent of the employee premiums. Source material, Kaiser Family Health, a nonprofit that tracks health costs in the U.S.

Last year state Republicans spent $800 million of our surplus to prop up premiums the private market. They think government should not be involved but yet prop up a broken market with tax dollars.

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They gave tobacco a tax cut and then complain that premiums are too high. They think they can control premiums with insurance.

It's time to get employers out of the healthcare business. It would increase profits, they could even give raises,provide some premium support, and add more money to net profits.

John Snell