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Reader Opinion: Standing up for youth

"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9.

God bless the graduating classes of 2018, my son will be one of them. Amen.

I feel a need to defend Commissioner Thiede and the comments he wanted added to the grant request for WeARE. He has nothing to be ashamed of. The board, however (does).

As for what the comments have to do with governing, the public's well being!

As far as WeARE is concerned, have sex, orally, anally, vaginally, they will give protection for safe sex, which to me is an oxymoron, which any moron knows, but trust WeARE for their excuse to try anyway. Thank you Mr. Thiede for trying to point that out! Thank you also to prove there are still politicians with morals.

I know it's just a sign of the times, but it's still refreshing to see someone stand up for our youth. Read Romans 1:22-32, especially 32.

God bless our youth and all those in school teaching them, may God put the burden on them to teach the right things of the heart as well as the mind!! Amen.

God bless.

Stephen L. Heinecke