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Reader Opinion: Public office

What is it we want to see this state do in the next four years? We just got a federal tax cut and our great governor wants to raise taxes? Maybe not really he says, just make it conform along with the federal tax cuts put in place this last December. He also wants to spend our budget surplus, but even doing so eventually that money would run out and Minnesota would be back in the red.

What will be done concerning taxes? Does Minnesota still want taxpayer monies going to the slaughter of innocent babies? Minnesota cries about the students being killed in schools and wants to disarm honest law abiding citizens but let's keep on funding planned parenthood here in Minnesota, what a bunch of hypocrites. Republicans have their RINOs but Democrats have there socialist liberals who want to do away with the Constitution. All we can hope for are morally strong and fiscally responsible sensible people to get voted in this next time around. As for this registered Democrat, I will vote Republican.

Doug Francis