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Reader Opinion: Different view on campaign rules

I see a local writer is unhappy with the way people are elected these days.

So am I, but for different reasons.

Yes, Congress is extremely unpopular, just as they deserve to be.

Yes, big donor lobbyists have too much influence on law making. Yes, things are out of whack.

But this is not 1964. We have not arrived here accidentally, nor without design.

Since even before 1964, virtually everything has been politicized by the left in their quest to identify, polarize and demonize any target in their way to a One World Order; education, finance, the courts, sex, race, you name it. It's Hillary's idol, Alinsky, at work.

The very freedom of thought and action allowed or tolerated in any democracy has always been its greatest threat, because freedom assumes human decency. But since no one is perfect, deceit and discord find their way in.

I believe the Founders created the finest document in the history of mankind when they created the United States Constitution.

As for rewriting it with the input from a mere 50 people, how would these 50 political savants be selected? Based upon what criteria and whose definition of "respected?" Being a mere 'activist' does not confer automatic wisdom and certainly not integrity.

And these new laws would allow for no court challenges? No vetoes? Like it or lump it?

I do not buy into the notion of anyone or any group being infallible or incorruptible.

Look at university professors, teachers, and public education in general.

I don't know about you, but with today's degraded mores and subverted values, I would not trust 50 average examples of today's publicly educated to take out my trash, let alone rewrite laws which have served America well since its founding.

Tony Bauer