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Reader Opinion: Votes count

Recently I have become dismayed over conflicting messages in our political process. Perhaps you, too, wonder how prominent, successful candidates for office can ignore their party's endorsement process (neighborhood party caucuses and endorsing conventions) by running in the primary election (this year on Tuesday, Aug. 14) against their own party's endorsed candidate. Only one candidate from each party will appear on the general election ballot (this year on Tuesday, Nov. 6). The most prominent example of this was Gov. Mark Dayton ignoring his DFL party endorsement process completely. It troubles me that prominent candidates can and do ignore their party's endorsing process. It is painful to see candidates with money and name recognition trump an endorsed candidate and their party's standards for candidacy. Politics is not fair. But, happily, your right to vote can not be tampered with or ignored. I urge everyone to register and vote this year and every year. You count! And you determine our next leaders, endorsed or not.

Terry Frovik

Lake Shore