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Reader Opinion: Picking a scab

Somehow, we remain stuck in the 2016 election, replaying it with "what if" and "it just was not right" and justifying explanations like "it must have been a foreign conspiracy." Meanwhile, Trump is the president and the nation and the world have to deal with that reality as much as some might be angry about it.

Changes continue in this nation and in the world, many under the influence of his leadership. Many people fume about those changes and continue with an "it just shouldn't be happening" mindset, as though that will make any difference.

It is like picking at a scab. It slows down the healing; it may make the wound bleed again; it will even hurt a bit, but we somehow can't resist the temptation. We know we shouldn't but we find ourselves doing it with some kind of perverse pleasure.

It is like a car accident drawing a crowd, some hoping for the blood, some just curious, some wanting the latest gossip about what happened and speculation about the results of bad choices and the probable motivations of those involved and who was innocent and whose fault it probably was. All good juicy stuff for the gossip circuit we all seem to love.

Even if we find the Russians totally controlled the outcome of the election or that other corruption or hanky-panky occurred, what difference will it make in the direction of the world. Even if Trump is drummed out of office, he will hardly suffer from the process in the long run, and we will still have a nation controlled by a very conservative form of Republicanism with the economic elite still in firm control of our future.

Can we please just allow that wound to heal and get on with the serious business of democracy.

Bob Passi