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Reader Opinion: False narratives

Before you explain to your children the current uproar of "separating kids from parents" learn some facts you may not find in the media. There are several immigration laws on the books that media and some people ignore. The settled law called "Flores decision" would be a good place to start.

The picture of a 2-year-old girl crying that media loved to bring attention to is misleading. According to the photographer and the father, the girl was not separated from her mother

as the mother had just put her down. The father and remaining three children were back in Honduras wondering how his wife and daughter were. He reportedly was glad to see they were OK. He says he has a good job and didn't know she was leaving with the child. He found out she paid the smuggling coyote $6,000 for the 1,800 mile unsafe journey.

There is a picture of a little boy looking through a cage. When you see the whole picture, you see it is from a staged protest.

I know why the media are pushing these false narratives but, do you?

I do know that we have our own issues with children in Crow Wing County due to parents addictions and mental health. I weep for these children.

Gwen Kienholz