It's a small, 55-acre lake in Merrifield, sort of like a farm pond, yet I love it so!

This year, the two baby loons appeared in the last week of June. Unlike when I was born-some people say that I was so hard to look at that the 'stork' chopped me off a block from the house! Not so with these two! I rowed out just to look at them.

Coincidentally, this year two different sports boats also appeared on our little lake. By the time they were finished roaring around our little lake with their usual recreational activities on that last weekend in June the little loons would never be seen again and only the parents remained.

A question surfaces-is lack of characters a form of mental illness? My grandma used to say, "If it isn't in there, you can't put it there." Some people behave as if stupidity was a virtue.

William Staples